All About Ecocleen

Ecocleen’s goal is to create a fresh, clean, hygienic and safe environment for you, your colleagues and your clients. We live up to our name by being completely green and “Eco”. We utilise market leading equipment and eco-friendly supplies to deliver a safe and secure service in almost every environment. We clean thoroughly and effectively without chemicals. No safety issues, no safeguarding problems, no toxins and no strong smell.

General Commercial Cleaning

We offer a cleaning service that is flexible and adaptable to your environment and schedule. We know just how dirty, dusty and smeared office space can become. As business life gets busier and staff opt for a quick desk lunch, poor desk hygiene can be responsible for a variety of health issues. Our office cleaning solutions mean you can guarantee a clean work area day in, day out, as well as a clean workstation, totally hygienic kitchen, sparkling toilet areas and a lobby to be proud of.

Let Ecocleen solve your cleaning challenges. With availability outside office hours, you won’t even know we’re there.

For more information please give us a call on 0330 122 6025 to discuss your requirements

We have over 20 years’ experience in commercial cleaning of the following sectors:

•Education – Child day care, nurseries, schools and colleges

•Medical - Doctors, Dentists, NHS properties, clinics and Vets

•General Offices, Board Rooms, Lobbies and Meeting Areas

•Industrial, Factories and Manufacturing sites

•Transport and Logistics

•Car Showrooms and Dealerships

•Churches and Community Centres

•National Trust Properties

•Sports Centres and Golf Clubs

•Health Clubs, Spas and Gyms

•Local Government Offices

•Retail Outlets

•Social Housing and student accommodation

•Accountants, Solicitors, IFAs

•Food Outlets/Restaurants

•Care Homes/Convalescence Centres

Janitor/Caretaker Service

For your convenience we can dovetail our general cleaning service with day time janitors who maintain service levels between cleans.

We also promote the idea of CAYG – clean as you go – which saves our customer's money.

Builders Cleans & Deep Cleans

We offer a service to tackle after build cleans, construction cleans, sparkle cleans and general deep cleans whenever you need them. We promote the CSCS certification in our business so qualified experience is always at hand. Please take a look at our Construction Cleaning pages for more information.

Hard floor cleaning, renovation and restoration

We can clean, renovate and restore many hard floor surfaces; vinyl, lime stone, laminate, terrazzo and wood. We can deliver the traditional strip and seal but our preferred solution is 100% chemical free and delivers superb, long lasting results. Once a floor is restored, our regular maintenance service will remove the need for periodic deep clean and restoration. Please take a look at our Floor Care pages for more information. Plus we recently won a prestigious award for our innovative floor cleaning product.

Kitchen Cleaning

The cleaning products we use help remove all stubborn grease build up, particularly in and around sinks and drains. Our chosen product range has been specifically designed to minimise the impact of fat and grease in the waste produced by a kitchen. We specilaise in clearing out grease traps. Please take a look at our Kitchen Cleaning pages for more information.

Carpet Cleaning

We can provide carpet cleaning and maintenance as part of the regular cleaning services or on an adhoc or periodic basis. Day to day spot cleaning would normally fall under a general cleaning specification but deep cleaning can be organised on a planned basis. Please take a look at our Specialist Cleaning pages for more information.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning, inside and out, is provided by the day to day cleaning operative. When it comes to high level reach, wash, abseiling and other extremes, we call upon our full vetted window cleaning specialists. Please take a look at our Specialist Cleaning pages for more information.

Complimentary Services:

Entrance and Barrier Mats

Mats can reduce the impact on cleaning when strategically placed through an office or building and will help to remove excess dirt from the footfall through the area. Add a corporate finishing touch by having your logo printed on the mat.

Washroom Services

Maintaining the right environment within your toilets and washrooms is a key to happy employees, visitors and customers.

Washroom cleaing services are complimentary to the core service of cleaning. We can provide a range of consumables including toilet rolls, hand soaps, anti-bacterial solutions, hand towels, feminine hygiene, nappy disposal, sharps disposal, air fresheners, seat wipes, hand dryers, roller towels and vending machines.

Providing all the washroom services as part of a complete cleaning solution or a totally bundled service package keeps things simple and easy to manage.

Don’t let these small, yet important tasks, get in the way of your day to day duties.