Meet the Ecocleen Head Office Team

We take pride in being able to meet your companies commercial cleaning requirements regardless of where you are in the UK providing services such as; commercial office cleaning, nursery & school cleaning, car showroom cleaning, specialist exterior cleaning, washroom cleaning, waste disposal, grounds maintenance, kitchen cleaning, after construction cleaning and much more, completing the tasks with an eco-friendly approach. So you can be sure the excellent service you're being provided will not affect the environment.

Henry Beukes: Executive Chairman

From Franchisee to Franchisor

Henry has more than 35 years’ experience in the services industry having managed Services businesses in South Africa, Australia and the UK throughout his career.

Henry joined the Ecocleen Services as a franchisee in February 2012. Due to his passion for the Ecocleen brand, his achievements as a franchisee over the past 5 years, Henry together with his management team has taken over as Franchisor from January 2017.


In addition to his strong entrepreneurial drive, Henry served as a main board director of the largest waste management company on the African continent and after joining Ecocleen Services in 2012 progressing from Franchisee to Franchisor from January 2017.


Entrepreneurial drive, focus and passion for service excellence.


To ensure that Ecocleen Services continues to grow its network of franchisees with focus on franchisee development, employees and customers.

Jean-Henri Beukes: Managing Director

Jean-Henri (J-H) is a young, energetic and enthusiastic business leader that has worked & owned a variety of service related businesses. He has lived across 3 continents (South Africa, Australia and the UK) and has a passion for travelling and networking. Formally a Franchisee of Ecocleen South Wales, J-H has worked his way and found that supporting the Network will drive the success and goals of the organisation. Prior to his appointment as Managing Director, J-H worked as the Sales & Operations Director and The Franchisee Development Director.

J-H’s key talent is empowering those around him to take responsibility and drive their key talents through a strategic plan that all stakeholders have bought into. His key skills are Cultural Realignment, Business Development, Commercial Management and Business Strategy.

Status: Married with two Daughters

Education: Double degree in Engineering (Civil) and Business (Finance & Accounting)

Interests: Dining, socialising, travelling, skiing, rugby

Other involvements: Governor at Great Marlow School.


Meg Whyte: Marketing Manager

Meg looks after everything creative. Meg is focused on Lead Generation, Brand Awareness and Digital Marketing. Meg's experience from working with a number of agencies and industries over the years means she brings results driven marketing.


Glenn Higley: Finance Manager

Glenn brings a wealth of experience to the Finance Team at Ecocleen Head Office. With Glenn's very grounded approach and focus he leads the finance department keeps everything in order.


Tina Youkee: Accounts Support

Tina supports Glenn in the finance department ensuring everything runs smoothly. She is known for talking to herself whilst shes working and most importantly feeds the office with donuts and cakes!


Kirsty Ferjani: Employee Relations Manager

Kirsty looks after all of our lovely staff. She makes sure everyone is happy and has what they need. Most importantly she is in charge of the birthdays and makes sure that everyone gets a nice card and bottle of bubbly.

Emma Jones: Purchase Ledger

Emma looks after all our Purchase Ledger ensuring everything is going in and out on time. Emma is a straight talking busy bee supporting Glenn and Tina in the finance department.