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Our Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

At Ecocleen, we strongly believe in using eco-friendly, green products when cleaning for our clients- and this is displayed with the products we use. We only use products and methods which will not adversely effect the environment, without sacrificing quality. In fact, cleaning using natural products instead of chemicals have been proven to provide a more thorough clean for most surfaces, see the video from Innuscience below for more information...

An example of one of our many eco-friendly cleaning products is the Air Steril units, developed to reduce germs in the air and on surfaces by using unique sterlisation techniques that will purify the air in your office or workplace and will also assist in reducing harmful germs and bacteria on surfaces. To learn more about Air Steril units, including a 15% discount on your first Air Steril unit*- Click here or contact 0808 280 2896.