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Blaize Rhodes

Regional Director, Bournemouth and Dorset

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Green, Commercial Cleaning Services in Bournemouth, Dorset & Surrounding Areas

Ecocleen Dorset Cleaning Services, based near Bournemouth servicing the whole of the Dorset Region.

We are a fully compliant green cleaning company that provides outstanding service for all your property and workspace needs.

Commercial Cleaning

Blaize and his team of qualified and trained staff carry a wealth in experience in providing unparalleled commercial cleaning services to a wide variety of organisations across Dorset. Regardless of whether Ecocleen Dorset are cleaning on office, reception, washroom, nursery or showroom- you can rest assured you will receive an expert an high standard and consistent commercial cleaning service. For further information on how Ecocleen Dorset can provide commercial cleaning for your business, call Blaize on 01747 356 007.

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For more information call Blaize on 01747 356 007 to discuss your requirements.

Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is central in the manner of which we provide our commercial cleaning services, which is why we our services are so unique!

We use green cleaning products and an eco-friendly approach to ensure the expert commercial cleaning service provided will not negatively impact the environment (or leave the chemical smell...)

Contract Cleaning

Whatever your commercial cleaning requirements, wherever you are in Dorset- Blaize in more than happy to discuss commercial cleaning services for your organisation at times and prices that suit you.

We strive to ensure all our customers are happy with their contracts and continue to provide high standard, consistent services as a result. For more information, speak with Blaize on 01747 356007.

"B Braun are a reputable global company who provide renal services to patients in Taunton 18hrs a day/6 days a wk/52 wks of the yr. We invest as much trust in our working partnerships as we do in our products & services around the world. Ecocleen are not the 1st cleaning company we have contracted in Taunton to uphold our very high standard of hygiene therefore I consider I am in a position to rate their capability, reliability, standard of workmanship & overall attention to client satisfaction who show an active interest in upholding B Braun & CQC audit criteria. The management and approach from Ecocleen is second to none. At last we have found a company worthy of calling a cleaning company"

- Sarah Burbeary, B Braun