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John Griffin

Regional Director, Harrow and North London

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Ecocleen Harrow and North London provide high quality, cost-effective commercial cleaning solutions for businesses within Harrow, Uxbridge and North London, using green cleaning methods proven to maintain high cleaning standards with minimal effect on the environment. 

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With over 20 years within the commercial cleaning sector, Ecocleen will be sure to have the commercial cleaning solution for your business, regardless of whether you are the owner of a medical centre in North London or a manager of a school in Harrow, you can be sure Ecocleen are the perfect fit for your cleaning requirements.

With a fully trained and experienced team of cleaning operatives driven to provide excellent cleaning services, managed by Regional Director John Griffin, Ecocleen strive to provide an unrivalled cleaning services. For more information about how Ecocleen Harrow and North London can help you, be sure to get in touch.

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To learn more about the cleaning services Ecocleen can provide, call john today on 0208 088 8180.

Commercial Office Cleaning in North London

Visitors to an office is a regular occurrence with running a business. Whether it is the initial meeting with the new customer or final meeting before signing that contract, a lot rests on your performance to provide all the requirements for the meeting, which can easily leave the small things such as overflowing bins, dirty windows and scuffed floors untreated, affecting the impression your clients may have and might just jeopardise all the hard work you have put in.

Additionally, your staff will also be affected by poor cleaning standards, with illnesses easily caught if harmful bacteria and viruses are left to spread across unclean office surfaces. Cleaning standards are an easy forgettable aspect when running a business, which is why Ecocleen are proud to offer local businesses with high quality cleaning services with consistent cleaning standards.

We strive to ensure all of our customers enjoy a cleaner, greener and happier workplaces that your staff and clients can all enjoy, so you can focus on preparing for that next meeting.

School Cleaning in North London

Health and safety of pupils within schools, nurseries, colleges and universities is of an utmost importance in today’s world. Poor cleaning standards within schools, especially schools which provide the education for many students, can directly attribute to an increase in student absenteeism and illnesses as a result of harmful bacteria and viruses being left on unclean surfaces. Regardless of whether you are a teacher or a parent whose child goes to school, the importance of high cleaning standards and consistency in the quality of cleaning is at an all-time high.

Fortunately, help is close at hand with Ecocleen North London, led by Regional Director John Griffin; Ecocleen are able to provide eco-conscious cleaning services with proven results to establish and maintain high cleaning standards for teachers and pupils to all enjoy.

The Ecocleen team of trained and qualified cleaning operatives use industry recognised methods and products to ensure a top quality service delivery, including Air Steril; an industry leading air sterilisation product proven to kill harmful bacteria in the air and on surfaces, so you can rest assured Ecocleen are doing our bit to drive down student absenteeism and illnesses. Click Here to learn more about Air Steril.

To learn more about the cleaning services Ecocleen can provide, call john today on 0208 088 8180.

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"B Braun are a reputable global company who provide renal services to patients in Taunton 18hrs a day/6 days a wk/52 wks of the yr. We invest as much trust in our working partnerships as we do in our products & services around the world. Ecocleen are not the 1st cleaning company we have contracted in Taunton to uphold our very high standard of hygiene therefore I consider I am in a position to rate their capability, reliability, standard of workmanship & overall attention to client satisfaction who show an active interest in upholding B Braun & CQC audit criteria. The management and approach from Ecocleen is second to none. At last we have found a company worthy of calling a cleaning company"

- Sarah Burbeary, B Braun