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Ecocleen Regional Director and team of expert cleaners provide commercial cleaning services across Hertfordshire, including; St Albans, Bicester, Aylesbury, Watford, Hemel Hempstead and all local towns!

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The Ecocleen Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire team are fully trained and skilled cleaning experts who have a driven attitude towards providing local organisations a commercial cleaning service of unmatched quality at affordable prices. Additionally, with a unique ‘green’ approach to cleaning, the services do not negatively impact the environment.

We are proud to provide commercial cleaning services in locations with Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, such as;

St Albans, Bicester, Aylesbury, Hertsmere, Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted, Princes Risborough, Tring, Rickmansworth, Kings Langley, Abbots Langley, Bushey, Radlett, Watford, Milton Keynes and many more towns within the WD, HP, AL and MK postcodes!

If your organisation requires a professional standard clean or regular cleaning, regardless of your industry requirements (be it; office cleaning, washroom cleaning, school cleaning, nursery cleaning, etc), call on 0808 280 2913. She will be only too happy to answer any query you may have.

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If you require a commercial cleaning service in Hertfordshire, call ecocleen hertfordshire today on 01296 910 120

So who are Ecocleen Bucks and Herts?

Ecocleen Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire is a local commercial cleaning organisation driven to provide an unrivalled service to organisations is Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, from schools to offices, from dentists’ to gyms Ecocleen has a solution for your commercial cleaning requirement.

Regional Director has an established background in facilities management, providing an excellent service where cleaning is of utmost importance. Currently, Adriana and her team of fully trained cleaning staff provide commercial cleaning services at 16 day nurseries, schools and universities including Oxford Brookes University (which included a medical facility), a collection of gyms totalling over 3000 members and many offices within the entirety of Hertfordshire. 

What does this mean for your organisation?

It means that your commercial cleaning service will be managed be an experienced director with a team of fully trained, DBS checked expert cleaning staff who are more than capable to provide a service of high quality that meets your budgets. To learn more about Ecocleen, please see the video below;


Green Cleaning

Ecocleen Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire take eco-cleaning very seriously, after all- it’s in our name! We are driven to provide an exceptional commercial cleaning service using green cleaning products wherever possible to reduce (or even diminish) any negative impact the chemicals have on the environment, but don’t worry- this is all part of our standard service and will not cost any more than using regular products (in fact, it is often cheaper)!

Contract Cleaning

Adriana is always happy to answer any questions regarding commercial cleaning contracts, after all it is a huge decision that has to be made- especially if your organisation requires to meet CQC requirements in order to operate. From Watford to Aylesbury, from St Albans to Hemel Hempstead Many organisations within a variety of industries such as schools, nurseries and gyms across Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire are happy with the contracted cleaning service they receive from Ecocleen.


Gym Cleaning Services

Regardless of whether you are a regular or a ‘part-time’ gym goer, you can be easily put off exercising when faced with dirty gym equipment or facilities. Uncleaned gym facilities can be the epicentre of illness, especially when the equipment is still glazed with sweat from the day before (not a pleasant sight!). Ecocleen Bucks and Herts provide gym cleaning services for many gym facilities across Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, which total over 3000 members! We are confident your members will only have positive comments to say about the cleanliness of your gym (that is before they have used it)!


  • "I would recommend Ecocleen"

    ‘Ecocleen came in to do a deep clean and spent 3-4 hours at Foundation House. The floors had not been cleaned properly for some years and when they had finished the floors were cleaned to a much high standard and a considerable amount of ground in dirt had been removed. When staff arrived on the following morning they all commented on the improved appearance of the property. I would recommend Ecocleen as a Cleaning Contractor. They we given the work at very short notice and came in on a Saturday as we requested.’

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    • JB
    • Heart of Bucks
  • "Always willing to go the extra mile."

    ‘We have used the EcoCleen services for over six months and have found them to be friendly, reliable and highly professional. The communication we have had with the team has been extremely helpful and any issues have been resolved promptly. As a 24 hour gym, hygiene is of the upmost importance and the services we receive from EcoCleen are always to a very high standard with staff always willing to go the extra mile.’

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    • JD
    • Anytime Fitness

School Cleaning Services

Schools, Nurseries, Colleges and Universities all require cleaning services, but it is of utmost importance that the cleaning service in question is completed to high standard. Schools are an extremely common place for illnesses and sickness to be spread so it is vital all school facilities are exceptionally cleaned. Adriana and her team at Ecocleen Bucks and Herts have a wealth of experience in providing schools, nurseries and universities such as Oxford Brookes University and a variety of nurseries across Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire cleaning services which meets all cleaning requirements to ensure their pupils remain healthy and safe. For more information about ‘How Dirty You Child’s School Is’, click the video on the right and call on 0808 280 2913.

Regardless of whether it is a school or medical centre cleaning service you require, Ecocleen herts and bucks have the solution, call on 01296 910 120

Medical Cleaning Services

For Doctor’s, Dentist, Practices and all other medical centres, cleaning standards must be treated with high priority for the health of their patients and CQC requirements, however- we find that cleaning standards are not satisfactory, bordering on the unsafe. Poor cleaning standards could result in severe health risks for medical organisation’s patients which could have disastrous consequences for medical organisations. Do NOT leave your cleaning standards for chance, speak with Adriana of Ecocleen Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire on 0808 280 2913 to understand what you need to consider with your current cleaning providers. We are determined to ensure your organisation will not suffer due to lacklustre cleaning standards.


Commercial Office Cleaning

The first aspect a client will consider when entering your office is its cleanliness, a dirty, unclean workplace can leave a lasting, negative impression on not only your prospective clients but can affect the workforce work-rate- after all, no-one would like to work in an unclean environment. Additionally, sick bugs and illnesses can be easily spread in an uncleaned office which can result in an increase of sick days amongst employees. At Ecocleen, we ensure that your office space, be it your reception, washroom, desk space, lobby or any other area of your commercial property will be cleaned to an exceptionally high standard. Your employees will feel better and prospective clients will leave with a good impression. If you would like a discussion regarding an office cleaning service across Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire contact your local commercial cleaning company Ecocleen on 0808 280 2913.

Ecocleen Bucks and Herts provide Commercial Cleaning Services and Cleaning Solutions for businesses and organisations across Hertfordshire, including;

  • Watford
  • St Albans
  • Hemel Hempstead
  • Aylesbury
  • Bicester
  • Stevenage
  • High Wycombe
  • Much More!