For many Care Home Proprietors or Managers this product may appear too good to be true?

The product is proven to solve a number of common issues associate with cleaning and hygiene in Care Homes and there is a good chance that you have never heard of it before!! ( Or maybe you have but were cynical about the hype on its effectiveness.)

So if it is fantastic WHY have you never heard of it before.

Well, to be honest I have been in the cleaning industry for 15 years and it was only in the last year or so that I had heard about it and spent some time getting to understand the claims and testing the product. There is a whole lot of science behind the product which we can bore you with at some point. Right now it is just good to know that the product works.

The product is all about making your premises cleaner and more hygienic.

So would you like a low cost product that....

  1. eliminates embarrassing odours - you know those toilet smells that most people mask with air fresheners or worse still create a flowery "toilet" smell

  2. eliminates bacteria and viruses in the AIR and on SURFACES

  3. destroys mould and fungi

I understand the Care business reasonably well as my parents owned one for a good few years. It was a small independent with 30 rooms and like many Care Managers they worked hard to make the place a warm and friendly place for the residents. I remember that finding and keeping good staff was always a challenge and frustration and then there was the burden of regulations which always brought a wry smile to my Dad's face and eventually they came to our business for help with cleaning. (They really want to keep it in-house but they saw the light eventually.)

So let me ask......

  • Would you like to erradicate the smells that are "hidden" in the fabric of your home?
  • Would you like to limit and reduce the spread of illness in your home?
  • Would you like to enhance the cleanliness and hygiene of your home?

....... and if the answer is "YES" then you really do need to take a closer look.

Cynical still?............. if I can't convince you then maybe this testimonial from Paul James, General Manager of a Care Home..........

" The general consensus is that AirSteril has made a signification improvement to the air quality and general smell of the home. Clearly, unpleasant odours are a common problem for care homes but our home has definitely benefited from having this technology.

The individual rooms where the portable units have been placed have also improved greatly. While the improvement in the sluice rooms where we had real odour problems is remarkable."

NO UP FRONT COSTS - You could buy them upfront but why invest a lump sum and then need to maintain them yourself. You don't want them to be one of those units that sits on the wall doing nothing. It does annoy me when I see cleaning appliances left unattended and not working - normally those automated air fresheners that either run out of product or battery!!!

ARE THEY AFFORDABLE? There is a cost to pay but it can be as little as £3.50 per week (fully maintained).

But then you need to look at what costs could be removed or reduced in your home........

  • Reduced amounts of cleaning "chemicals" to sanitise your home - the units will basically do the job of a cleaning wipe 24 hours a day
  • No more air-fresheners - well certainly a huge reduction and don't forget that alot of air fresheners are not the most ecologically friendly products (and we like doing our bit for the planet)
  • Saving on carpet cleans due to continuing embarrassing odour.

RISK FREE - we are so confident about the product that we will offer a 28 day MONEY BACK Guarantee if you are nor satisfied with the RESULTS.

UNFORTUNATELY and before you ask, these products will not remove the need for your regular cleaning routines. However, putting these products in place together with a good routine clean could really make a serious difference to your business. They could even help when it comes to your next CQC visit.


Interested in the benefits Air Steril can have for your care home? Simply leave you email address below and we will send over an information pack!

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