I was speaking an acquaintance the other day who said that he would, in a theatrical voice, never be trickedinto requesting one of our FREE Cleaning Audits (to which we attribute a value of over £300) as he thought it was a cheap marketing gimmick and that he would be plagued with sales calls the moment the thought even entered his mind?

Well I must admit there was some truth in what he was saying, after all, we are a commercial business looking to work with customers that are serious about getting the cleaning standards they want, BUT the cynical view he held was massively off the mark.

There are no TRICKS involved (although I think our teams are “magic”) and we wouldn’t want to waste your time or ours trying to get you to buy a service you didn’t need or want. Cold calls are generally not our style, we hate them as much as you do!

Our network of local offices across the UK has been established by ultra-talented and passionate teams that want to make a difference; a difference to their customers, their staff, their local community and to themselves and their families.

At Ecocleen we like to build relations and rapport with potential customers so let me explain our OFFER. 


WHY DO WE OFFER A FREE AUDIT (worth £300)? ………and what is the catch?

It is really simple, it helps us establish and build relationships in the areas and locations where we operate. We believe that building a great business is about reputation and relationships. 

OFFERING a free Audit is effectively up to a 1 hour period of onsite consultancy and advice to help you to improve or enhance the cleaning for your organisation. Just like a personal Health Check, we will give you a written report on our findings, good or bad and then you can decide on next steps you want to take. What you do with the report is entirely up to YOU; bin it, show it to your current cleaning contractor, or take some action from it…… you can use our services if you feel it is right and we feel that we can help you. There is no obligation and we are cool with that.

And finally the catch…….. to make the process worthwhile you will need to commit between 30 and 60 minutes of your time. We know that in today’s busy work environment every minute is precious so you will have to GIVE a little too (that’s the only catch).


So Why Invest The Time?

So many people that we speak to are typically not happy with the standard of cleaning at their premises, whether it is delivered by an in-house team or outsourced. Quite often they simply put up with the situation as they have more important matters to deal with and live in the hope that things will improve or that no one will complain. Unfortunately that rarely happens and all of a sudden something bites you where it HURTS!!

By investing your time in an independent Audit you will have the tools to take action as required, potentially helping to take away some of your worries or concerns. It could be that you are worrying for no reason? 


Give And, Give A Little More…

We hate the normal cold sales calling nonsense, trying to ram the benefits of cleaning services into the faces of potential customers. That is not our style, and in this new world of collaboration and reciprocation, we are prepared to GIVE A LOT in an effort to build rapport and trust with organisations that VALUE what we do and why we do it.


Please Talk To Us, We Won't Bite

If you are experiencing problems or worries in relation to your cleaning please don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and give us a call on 0800 612 6756. Simply giving up between 30-60 minutes of your time could be an investment worth making.

We look forward to hearing from you before something bites you where it hurts…… hopefully!


Sean Taylor


PS - For your FREE AUDIT and a COMPREHENSIVE written Report give us a call TODAY on 0800 612 6756

PPS – you will need to commit about 30-60 minutes of time BUT, we know that for those that are serious about the cleaning standards in their organisation it is worth the investment.

NB – we will always try and react quickly to any request for a FREE AUDIT however we can get very busy so you may have a book a few days in advance. Give us a call on 0800 612 6756 and we will always do our best to book you in.

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