What do you think of Generation Z?

Generation Z, also known as 16-22 year olds, are facing backlash from the older generation for being ‘lazy, spoilt and selfish’.

Most 52-71 year olds believe that 16-22 year olds are lazy slobs that only care about social media, internet and going out. 1000 people from Generation Z disagree with this statement by saying that they care most about family and education.

My name is Eva and I have recently joined Ecocleen Services as part of their new leadership program. As someone in generation Z myself and having undertaken this new opportunity by becoming a marketing apprentice, this shows that we do value our education and we’re determined to create a successful future for ourselves.

According to the BBC it is likely that a larger percentage of generation Z will attend college and graduate from university than any previous generation, including the millennials (23-37 year olds).

Due to the advances in technology gen Z can use the internet to self-educate with online sources such as YouTube and Pinterest. Due to this, gen Z can learn more complex things like how to upgrade computes just from watching tutorials online. Gen Z has also presented a range of diverse individuals with people exploring new ways to be innovative, get their point across and generate money. This includes using social media to make viral videos and promote self-made branding or music.

As a generation, there are big concerns surrounding university fees and the economy after Brexit.

54% of the older generation believe that life will be worse in the future. Only 51% of gen Z agree, the majority are determined to create a better future even if it means going to uni and being in debt. As young people, we are making ourselves more creative to find ways to get into work. Most people in gen Z have said they are eager about working towards securing a job in their preferred profession.

Businesses are using Social Media more and more to promote themselves. A study from ‘Hiscox’ found that 57% of small businesses utilise social media to support their marketing efforts. So the need for internet savvy employees is on the increase. Enter Generation Z!

We’re not lazy, were innovative”. Older generations may disagree with this statement, but as a member of generation Z, I can guarantee the majority of us want to create a positive outcome in life. Were just finding new ways to do it to ensure a financially stable and happy future.

Written by

Eva Asante

Marketing Assistant

Ecocleen Services Ltd