How to clean your outdoor toys this summer

The summer is in full swing, it is a lovely sunny day outside and you decide to invite your children’s friends over for a play date.

But then you look outside to see the great British weather has taken its toll on all your outdoor toys.

The dirt, grime and bird droppings, what will you do?

Don’t worry, we have you covered with some great Ecocleen tips that will make cleaning your toys a doddle and best of all they are both child and eco-friendly.

So why not get your children involved too.

Pressure washer

Pressure washers, like you would use for your car, are your best friend when tackling sturdy plastic outdoor toys.

Start by giving your toy a general rinse all over. This will remove the majority of the dirt and will highlight the areas that will need a deeper clean.

Then tackle these tough spots by moving in closer with your pressure washer. The closer you get the more powerful the spray will be.

Be careful when using a pressure washer on areas with stickers or small parts though, as if you pressure wash too close they can loosen and come off.

So there you have it, not only will using a pressure washer clean your toys quickly and efficiently, it will also leave you with more time to prepare for your play date.

Ecocleen Top Tip: Wear an old set of clothes when pressure washing as there can be a lot of splash back.


If you have smaller toys that are not as sturdy then you can turn to the old eco friendly cleaning staple that is vinegar.

Simply combine equal amounts of vinegar and hot water and you will be ready to give your toys a tidy green clean.

Start by rinsing your toys with a hose or bucket of water.

Then, using a brush, give your toys a brush down to loosen the dirt.

Next, depending on how dirty your toys are, apply some of the mixture to the brush or a cloth and give your toys a good scrub. For those hard to reach areas simply use an old toothbrush.

Finish by rinsing the toys once again and, if you are cleaning metal or wooden toys, wipe them down with a cloth.

Ecocleen Top Tip: Although most household vinegars are quite weak, place an old sheet under your toys to avoid damaging your lawn.


For smaller toys like pots, pans and pirate ship parts simply pop them in the dishwasher, along with two cups of vinegar, select eco mode and away you go.

Ecocleen Top Tip: Be careful not to add anything with batteries to your dishwasher.

So there you have it, some sure fire ways to make sure your outdoor toys are the talk of your play date.

If you have any tips of your own around cleaning your outdoor toys then please let us know on our social media channels.