Top 6 Christmas Adverts 2017

Christmas must be here! How do we know? Well the Christmas adverts are out on TV so it must be true!

We will all know the words to every Christmas advert by the time the big day is here! This may be due to them being played on repeat during every single TV break for a solid 2 months! YAY!

Love them or hate them they are definitely the first indicator that you might need to start preparing for Christmas. That is if you aren’t one of those super organised rare individuals that have all their Christmas shopping done in September.

Christmas adverts are a big thing now, everyone waits for those particular brands who have the million-pound marketing budget to turn their Christmas advert into a small movie trailer. And yes, most of us do sit and judge which are our favourites every year.

So, we have rated our top 6 fave Christmas Adverts of 2017! Here you go…

6. Very

Online department store, took a different approach with their advert this year by deciding to create a 90 second animation to convey the joy of giving this Christmas. The advert shows the adventures of a little girl named Anna, who ironically resembles the character Ana from Disney’s ‘Frozen’.

On this adventure, she attempts to give a pink cubed present to everyone on her Christmas list, including Santa. Considering Very have no high street presence, it’s vital that they connect emotionally with their audience during the Christmas period. Fortunately, this advert done a wonderful job of delivering that warm, emotional feeling.

5. Asda

Asda’s Christmas advert looks all too familiar, as they made their own rendition of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

In this advert, we follow a girl and her grandfather as they sneak into a Willy Wonka-Style workshop, which features the secrets behind Asda’s festive ranges. This advert will definitely get you excited for Christmas with its imaginative way of showcasing their products.

4. Tesco

Tesco’s Christmas advert does a great job of showing the different ways millions of UK shoppers enjoy Christmas, and how great food sits in the heart of it all. The advert shows ways different families cook their turkey, then come together to eat Christmas dinner.

However, the advert has recently sparked up some controversy about specific ethnic groups that were featured. This resulted in the advert receiving more dislikes than likes on YouTube. Nevertheless, there is clearly a deeper meaning behind the advert that shows Christmas is about spending time with family and celebrating the joy of togetherness.

3. Debenhams

Debenhams decided to retell the story of Cinderella with an enchanting Christmas twist. A young man and woman are brought together by fate after she loses her shoe on a train. After using the power of social media to track her down, the man finally bumps into her in the street and they seemingly live happy ever after.

This is a wonderful story and gives the illusion that your Christmas day will have a ‘fairytale’ ending if you buy a gift from Debenhams.

2. John Lewis

John Lewis Christmas adverts are always the one that everyone looks forward to. This year they created a tale of the friendship between a young boy and his imaginary monster under his bed. The monster sadly leaves the boy after noticing the late nights are starting to take a toll on him.

While last year’s advert was light hearted, this year they decided to tug at our heartstrings with an emotional advert that shoppers have come to expect from John Lewis. Overall the advert was great and had a lovely message about giving.

1. M&S

without a doubt, M&S presented the best Christmas advert of the year! Britain’s favorite bear, Paddington, is the star in M&S’s new Christmas advert and he doesn’t fail to charm us with his naivety and adorableness.

In this advert Paddington mistakes a burglar for Santa, Paddington assist him in returning all of the stolen presents back to where they belong. This results in the burglar understanding the true meaning of giving on Christmas.

The advert also sparked controversy after it was shown on daytime TV show ‘This Morning’ with Rylan, Hollie and Phil where they pointed out a particular part of the advert that sounded, well slightly different than it should. Regardless, the advert is gentle and sentimental, which will really get you in the Christmas spirit.