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Medical Centre Cleaning

Would your cleaning service pass a thorough examination or check up?

Ecocleen will deliver a cleaning service with the right vital signs which won't leave cavities in your CQC standards...........Guaranteed!!!

To Healthcare establishments outstanding hygiene is paramount. Cross-contamination and subsequent infections can spread quickly with devastating consequences. With Healthcare environments having to adhere to strict legislation, Ecocleen will support Practice Managers to ensure their premises are CQC compliant. Our success in CQC Legislation means that we can advise on developing in-house control procedures, tailored cleaning schedules and implement a staff training regime.

If you are looking for a highly accredited cleaning service for your surgery or medical centre with 100% CQC pass rate you have come to the right place.

How much should I be paying for cleaning in my medical centre?

Simply click the pound sign below to understand why you may be paying too much!

We safeguard your premises with eco-friendly, highly effective products and processes that are the safest in the healthcare service industry, so your Practice is delivering the kind of quality and safe care everyone has the right to receive. As well as our environmental edge we also provide a reliable, consistent LOCAL service.

It is vital that all medical premises reach the cleanliness standards set out in the recently revised advisory notes from the National Patient Safety Agency.

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