Nursery and Pre-School Cleaning

Does your cleaning service "get down with the kids"?

Ecocleen's SAFE cleaning is on a "different" level.............. Guaranteed!!

At Ecocleen we understand what it takes to deliver the right standards in a pre-school nursery....after all we clean over 150 on a daily basis.

We know that in these environments you need to check a little lower as sticky hands don't reach the same levels as in some other environments such as schools.

We use innovative, eco-friendly products and well trained operatives to deliver general cleaning services, coupled with room changes

"B Braun are a reputable global company who provide renal services to patients in Taunton 18hrs a day/6 days a wk/52 wks of the yr. We invest as much trust in our working partnerships as we do in our products & services around the world. Ecocleen are not the 1st cleaning company we have contracted in Taunton to uphold our very high standard of hygiene therefore I consider I am in a position to rate their capability, reliability, standard of workmanship & overall attention to client satisfaction who show an active interest in upholding B Braun & CQC audit criteria. The management and approach from Ecocleen is second to none. At last we have found a company worthy of calling a cleaning company"

- Sarah Burbeary, B Braun

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