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Cleaning In A Box

If you're considering setting up an in-house cleaning service, you must be 100% certain you have knowledge of all the skills required and the tools to put them to work. After all Cleaning is SIMPLE, isn't it?

  1. Competency of staff - who will train them to the right level?
  2. Legislation - who will make sure you are doing things correctly?
  3. Environment - what impact will your cleaning have on the environment?
  4. Assurance - who is checking the quality and consistency of your cleaning?
  5. New Thinking - who is keeping you up to date on new products and equipment?

Introducing; Ecocleen's 'Cleaning In A Box'

With prices starting at £200 per month, you can be assured that we will provide you all the information, management and products needed to ensure you will meet the your Hygiene Rules and Regulations and satisfy your customers.

It's everything you need to start your own in-house cleaning service.

What exactly would I receive?

For £200 per month, you will receive;

  1. Initial and refresher training on our products and equipment, including; COSHH, colour coding, chemical competence and much more.
  2. Action plans and quality audits during regular monthly visits to your site, co-ordinated with your site manager.
  3. Health and Safety training during induction and throughout the year.
  4. Cleaning product and equipment starter packs that our Ecocleen franchises use across the country. We will also provide further products to ensure stocks are always available for you.
  5. We will cover your cleaning team for as little as £12.50 per hour.

Are you interested in a 'Cleaning in a Box' package? Simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch!

For more information about how you can use a 'cleaning in a box' service, speak to your local ecocleen team on 0330 122 6025 today!