Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

Including Deep Cleans and Sparkle Cleans

Ecocleen understands how important it is for any kind of kitchen area; from office break out areas to commercial kitchens, to be hygienic, odour and especially bug or pest free. Ecocleen has many years’ experience of deep cleaning kitchens. Our hygiene standards are renowned.

Particularly if you are a hotel, pub, B&B proprietor or restaurateur you are aware that there is important compliancy around drainage and waste disposal set by UK Building Regulations. This is an increasingly important area of environmental sustainability. Operating an effective means of grease removal, grease degrading, dosing equipment solution or fitting a grease trap is a statutory requirement in the UK under Part H of the British Building Regulations. All operators of commercial kitchens can now be heavily fined if they are not compliant. Failure to meet the hygiene standards set out by the Food Safety Act 1990 and the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006 can lead to severe fines that can have a negative effect on profitability, as well as on the reputation of the business. In addition, poor cleaning procedures can lead to pest infestations and reduced equipment life

Ecocleen use ecobug® a tough bio grease remover which is highly effective for any situation where fats, oils and grease can block drainage. A bio film adheres to the drainage system walls and continues to fight odour and maintain hygiene standards. The advantage of these products is not only will you be compliant, but you will be greener and cleaner! We care about you, your staff, your clients and our planet.

We offer flexible schedules so that we can give you the support you need when it’s convenient for you. Out of season? Early mornings? Late in the evenings? Weekends? Any time to make sure our clients get the best solution and value.

Take a look at our clients and read our testimonials. Let Ecocleen support you so that your kitchens are green, compliant and hygienic.

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