//An Extended Testimonial from Ann Edwards Church of England Primary School

An Extended Testimonial from Ann Edwards Church of England Primary School

Ann Edwards CE Primary School has been working with Ecocleen since August 2018, after identifying cleaning as an area of the school that needed serious improvement.

Local Partnerships
I first met with Matthew Hanger in July 2018 , and was extremely impressed by not only his professionalism, but the management set up and back-office functionality of the company.  Ecocleen started working in partnership with Ann Edwards, in August 2018, when they completed our annual deep clean of the school. Instantly, the Headteacher and I knew we had made the right decision with choosing Ecocleen as our cleaning contractor.

High Standards
The deep clean was completed to an exceptionally high standard and all staff commented on how good/different the school looked upon their return. After the deep clean, Ecocleen clean our school every night for the equivalent of 7.Shrs (split between 3 members of staff), term time only.  They are responsible for cleaning all internal areas of the school, apart from the hall.

Tailored to you
The team of cleaners we have are great and just get straight down to work. They are all very pleasant and approachable to any ad-hoc cleaning requests that might occur every now and then. They also understand that as a school, there will be events going on throughout the year such as parent’s evenings/fairs/meetings, which might require a flexible approach to cleaning on that day and so then would complete cleaning tasks that aren’t required on a daily/weekly basis.

The absent rate of the cleaning is very low, and on the odd occasion that there are absences, they are either covered by supply cleaners that they have, management stepping in, or the existing team work longer, to ensure the job is still done.

Benefits of a clean school
Since working together, we have noticed a decrease in our pupil absent rate by over 2% and staff absence has also decreased. One of the factors of this will be that Ecocleen do such a thorough job of cleaning, whilst using environmentally friendly products.

The Power of Audits
The management side of Ecocleen also works well for us. They have a Line Manager that I meet with monthly to go through the cleaning audits that they conduct, and then discuss any areas of improvement/focus for the next period. The invoices are sent in monthly, with mutually agreed payment terms, and an understanding that the invoices are processed through the local authority, so we don’t get daily calls chasing payment.

Above the line manager, there is a Director that I meet with twice annually to discuss the service, the contract moving forward, finances and any areas of how we can work more in partnership with each other.

I have no hesitation in recommending Ecocleen to any School environment.

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