It has been proven that our personal happiness is linked to our professional happiness, that is why it is so important to be happy in your work place. As an employer, we believe it is part of our duty to make sure all our staff are happy & fulfilled in their work. At Ecocleen we have 7 core values we hold at the heart of our business, of these values there are several which link back to our staff and how we treat them.


Empowering a positive team with family spirit – as a family owned business we believe that Ecocleen is one big family. We work hard to treat everyone equally & to ensure that we are all supported fully.


Pursuing growth and learning – we know how important it is to be constantly learning, and we thrive on knowledge. We provide all of our staff with specialised training and we encourage them to keep on learning by offering incentives such as vouchers once training has been completed.


Celebrating success – Ecocleen love to celebrate all success, from big contract wins to our Employee of the Month Award. We make sure our staff feel respected and proud of the work they do. We want the best from our staff, so we treat them the best we can!


Thank you to all our current and past staff, & to any new staff who would like to work with us, get in contact today to find out how to apply for Ecocleen vacancies!

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