//Ecocleen works miracles

Ecocleen works miracles

Ecocleen’s East Midlands team, led by Wayne Palmer, recently completed a deep clean of the Little Miracles charity, to provide a safe and clean environment for children using the charity over the summer holidays. 

The Little Miracles team enlisted Wayne’s help to spruce up their centre ahead of the busy summer holidays, to make the centre as safe and enjoyable for its children as possible. Our deep clean included sterilising walls, and cleaning bins, surfaces, carpets, toilets, glass, floors and rugs, as well as cleaning soft furnishings and high chairs. 

Little Miracles supports families with children with additional needs and life limiting conditions, providing children with a place to play, laugh and create friendships, while giving their families access to the advice, support and care that they deserve. Little Miracles is working to reduce the isolation of families who feel that they are alone in their journey, and to ensure that parents and carers are given the support they need in order to fully support their families. 

Wayne Palmer, Regional Director for Ecocleen East Midlands, explains: “[Cleaning for Little Miracles] is a completely different ball game compared to standard office cleaning. Because they keep their doors open all day long, people end up accidentally bringing in rubbish from outside, such as stones, leaves, and sand from the sandpit. So, we basically had to sanitise everything. Then there are safeguarding issues – there are rules about what you can and can’t bring in, for example certain foods such as nuts. We also had to make sure that all the surfaces were sterilised, to reduce the risk of the children catching MRSA and other viruses. 

“The people at Little Miracles couldn’t have been more welcoming and grateful for what we did for them, and that really made a difference to us.” 

A Little Miracles spokesperson said: “We’d like to say a big thank you to Ecocleen. They’ve done a fabulous job – the building is looking spotless ready for summer!” 

Well done to Wayne and the team for doing a fantastic job! 


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