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The South West

Ecocleen offers full commercial cleaning management services in Taunton, Exeter & the South West.

We provide a local management service throughout the region and specialise in servicing medical practices, education facilities and large organisations including the largest accommodation facility in the UK as well as being the largest ofsted registered facilities provider in the UK.

The South West region is led by Regional Director, Jim Humphrey. Jim is supported by his strong management team and local mobile support team who ensure that all the South West customers benefit from on-call support and short notice cover when required.

The South West team are backed by national accreditation standards and support. This ensures they can focus on their personal commitment to their customers and maintain high quality customer satisfaction and service.

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Jim Humphrey is the Regional Director for the South West, who has, as business owner, a vested interest in the growth of his business and the quality of the service he provides. Jim joined Ecocleen in 2016 after having served as a police officer in the Devon & Cornwall regions for over 22 years, and he is a much valued member of the Ecocleen network, bringing a wealth of expertise and people management skills to his role at Ecocleen. Jim has the training and the experience to be able to build excellent relationships with both his team and his clients and the success of his approach and his business was recently recognised when he was awarded the Ecocleen Franchisee of the Year Award.

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“They’re very proactive”

It’s important that the place is clean, that it’s smart, that it’s tidy, because there’s a massive expectation now. Ecocleen are really good. Because we’ve built a new showroom there’s still people coming that it’s their first time, so they come in and they’re blown away by the new showroom. They say it just feels bright, fresh and airy, and a lot of that is because it’s clean, it smells nice and it’s kept nice on a daily basis. Ecocleen are very easy to get hold of. I’ll email Jim or one of his people at stupid o’clock, and I get an answer very quickly. They’re very proactive in their response to any queries that we might have”.

Andy Pidwell, General Manager. Marshall VW

“Very conscientious and proactive”

Naturally, because we have a lot of high-value products, reliability and trustworthiness are hugely important to us. Being such a big manufacturing facility, it’s essential that the day-to-day cleaner is in every day to replenish washroom stocks and clean up any spillages. There are also finished products down on the factory floor, which are of high value, and that means we must be able to trust the cleaners. Cleaning is an area when you can experience high turnover, if the results aren’t as good as sold, or expected. It’s testament to Ecocleen’s work that we’ve been with them for as long as we have. Our cleaner is very good; very conscientious and proactive.

Rebecca Box, Property Support Co-Ordinator, Mulberry

Medical Centre Cleaning in The South West

As an owner of a medical centre, you can appreciate the importance maintaining cleaning standards as it could very well determine whether your business operates or closes since CQC requirements carry such weight within the medical industry.

There is no reason why your current cleaning provider should make you fret about meeting those all-important CQC requirements, if you do find that you or your business are being put in an uncomfortable position as a result of poor cleaning standards, simply call Ecocleen Taunton, Exeter & South West today.

Jim Humphrey and his team of specialist cleaners have much experience in providing clients within the medical sector expert commercial cleaning services in order to not only improve cleaning standards within your organisation, but to maintain cleaning standards to ensure CQC standards are consistently met.

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